Monday, January 16, 2017

Cultural Deadpool #1

With the news that after 146 years Feld Entertainment will be closing the Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bailey Circus, many were mourning the loss of this American Cultural Institution. I hate to break it to you, but this is just one of many that we will see die in the 21st Century. Some blame those EVIL liberals or Animal rights groups.

While changing sentiment towards animal welfare helped It was just the fact this 146 year old outfit using a 250 year old entertainment format became outdated, obsolete and irrelevant. It was a relic and a expensive one to run. Feld Entertainment decided it was better to shut the entire thing down.

When was the last time you went to a Ringling show or any circus?

Here is the list of my first 21st Century Cultural Deadpool.

These are institutions that are starting to face issues that run parallel with what brought own the Circus.
HS Football - While circuses had concerns over animal abuses, Football has brain trauma, and concerns over long term effects such as CTE. As of now their are only a few voices asking the question "A violent collision sport has no reason to be in our schools." Just like the concerns over the welfare of performing animals, that small voice can snowball into something bigger.

Circuses had to fight off lawsuits over animal welfare and the endangered species act, High Schools will have to deal with concussion related lawsuits, include stiffer local, state and federal regulations.
with Football being the most expensive sport this will drive up costs even more. Those districts will do the same thing Feld did, look at the books and decide its better to shut the whole thing down.

This will affect the NCAA and then the NFL, amateurism in college will have to die, just to attract the top talent or the NFL  will be forced to create their own development league. Kind of how those FUTBOL teams in Europe do.
Baseball - America's past time has the same problem as reported by the WaPo and the WSJ in 2015, this sport was failing to hook children, . America's past time now is past its prime as it is now another 19th century relic that bores today's children. Little League in urban areas is all but extinct, with African Americans vanishing from the sport at all levels, when was the last time neighborhood kids had a pickup sandlot game? On TV the average age of those who watch MLB games is 55 while young adults everywhere cut the cable cord and say goodbye to ESPN.

LIke the circus the youth just could give a rat's behind.

Boy Scouts - Merit badges, camping, learning life lessons and traditional american values, such as sexism and homophobia. More and more parents are saying No thank you as yearly enrollments continue to shrink. The Girls are also suffering the same problems, so you better stock up on those thin mints.