Thursday, September 3, 2015

Kim Davis' real struggle

Kim Davis the Kentucky Clerk is now jailed for contempt of court charges for refusing to issue same sex marriage licenses.

She and her supporters all claim this is about upholding "God's Laws" or "Religious Freedom" or "Traditional Morality". What this really is about is the Death Throes, fundamentalist evangelical christanity is dying. Of the younger generation...the millennials vast majority do not identify with any religion.

For years their form of religion has been pushed more and more into the margins by secular society. This is the reason for people like Kim Davis and ISIS in the middle east. Piece by piece needs once fulfilled by their institution is being replaced by secular ones.

Evolution replaces them as the source for our origins.

Medical Science cures and treats diseases not their prayer and faith.

Morals, we have seen what the Biblical Morals consist of, the gay marriage fight has shown us what it is BIGOTRY. Can you blame young adults for not identifying with these people. More and more of their biblical laws and traditions are thrown to the trash heap by the secular moral and cultural zeitgeist. Their biblical morals are just plain ugly and no one wants to be around ugly.

Lets look at some of  God's Holy Laws from his infailable book.

The Fundamentalist love to quote Leviticus about the anti-gay stuff how we have to follow that or face his wrath. That same book also states that eating shellfish and wearing clothes of different fabrics are also and abomination. Yet do we still follow those laws today, NO

When taken to task on this the response is that Jesus died on the cross to create a new covenant that did away with those laws, but the gay stuff still stands. Even-though He ever said anything about homosexuality  but he was very against divorce which Kim Davis did 4 times.

This is why they lost the gay marriage fight, their morals and entire argument was based on a theology that has become convoluted, contradictory and unintelligible.

Relgion claimed that their myths were the authoritative description for our origins. Evolution and science has shown they have no evidence backing up their myths and fables.

Religion claimed that prayer and faith will treat diseases as their are punishments from an angry god. Medical Science has shown they are caused by viruses, bacteria or other physical conditions.

Their final argument was MORALS, you cannot be GOOD without GOD

Now that ARGUMENT has been lost as we have seen that their moral laws are ones that actually promote sexual and violent crimes against women and children. Condone acts such as slavery and genocide which our modern society now considers Crimes against Humanity.

Fact is Kim Davis and her ilk are fighting for relevancy in a world where their biblical way of living has become incompatible. We now live in and economy that is becoming more science and technology driven, believing that evolution is a lie and science is the devils magic is going to exclude you from the best paying jobs and mainstream society.

So now they try to weaken science by promoting creationism in schools, why because their God only exists in the margins of science and they need to keep those margins wide. Now secular legal authorities are now pushing against them so they now cry about "religious freedom" and how their laws from texts written by primitive tribes must be held above our own constitution, (forgetting about that whole Render Unto Ceasar, thing Jesus said, who created the new covenant they are now under. ) we also see this with Sharia law with the islamic fundamentalists.  Because of their holy books they believe are the chosen ones and we all must be brought under their laws, they will fight and martyr themselves to do that.

Instead they are all going to be driven into the same margins that their God lives in and it has a name, Oblivion.

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