Thursday, April 2, 2015

Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris Drama


This story broke on TMZ last week and the tabloids are all thinking they are so IN LOVE. I suspect they are not dating, it is all business and that business relationship might actually be strained. Now let me explain.

It all has to do with TIDAL.

TIDAL is the new streaming service started by Jay Z who at Taylor's birthday party got her to put her music on the new service which Calvin Harris is also a co-owner of TIDAL. With her tour coming up in a month, Taylor needs something, Grant Mickleson her guitarist is not on this tour and she possibly wants to remix her old songs to it the synthpop flow of 1989. Case in point the 2014 iHeart Festival her rendidtion of Love Story was departure of it's country roots.

Enter Calvin Harris, He is the hottest DJ in the EDM scene and has worked with several of Taylor's friends such as Ellie Goulding and HAIM, she went to see his show in Las Vegas twice once with these friends to see his work.

So last week she is spotted with Calvin in Nashville where that is her HOME BASE for rehearsing her tour. The Tabloids are all like LOOK PDA, they are in LOVE, when all we have a grainy vids that prove nothing.

We have one person claiming she saw Calvin kiss her at the Chesney concert, but we get no pics of it. In a crown of thousands with smartphones. Yet one person was able to snap Madonna and Taylor rehearsing before the iHeart Awards show. OKAY....

Reality is she wants him to remix her old songs for the tour and maybe even help with her next album. No one does anything for free, Calvin wants something, that something is her FULL CATALOG on TIDAL. She won't, Taylor is known for been keen business savvy, she gets from her investment banker parents. Music Streaming while very lucrative has yet to be profitable, Spotify which Taylor left had one billion on earnings but is still not turning a profit.Taylor is still hedging her bets and is holding out to use the rest of her catalog as leverage. She is not going to give that up for some remixes. She can still call up her BFF Selena and have her set her up with ZEDD.

In this business arrangement Calvin does not have that much to offer than someone else cannot do.

Taylor is not budging, so this relationship is becoming strained. Proof
When TIDAL had the big debut event, Taylor is NOWHERE to be found, the biggest name they have who has songs on their service is out jogging with earbuds on. Doing the type of jog one does when they need to de-stress and clear their mind. It is like she did not want to be around any of them.

 Also Taylor and Calvin are not following each other in social media. Neither did they acknowledge each others wins at the iHeart Awards. Taylor met Gina Rodriguez of Jane the Virgin and started following her on Twitter but she is not following the man she is supposed to be so SMITTEN with.
One thing Calvin is getting out of this is at least increased visibility, just the rumors alone are putting his name in mainstream attention.

Here is how this story will end:

Calvin will get a smartphone pic of him in a compromising position with a female.
Either of them will publicly denounce any dating.
Taylor's tour will start the story will fade out and then a tabloid story will come out on how they are just too busy to make it work.