Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Taylor Swift at Super Bowl 50?

This Blind Gossip link alludes to Taylor Swift being considered for the Half Time show for Super Bowl 50.

Let's dissect this little blind item. The post brings out a few pros and cons


1# Taylor Swift is the biggest music act in the world BAR NONE, next year will be Super Bowl 50, the Super Bowl to be bigger than all the others. This Super Bowl will need BIG NAME acts, and you cannot get bigger than her.

2# She is safe, Taylor has put her self out with a family friendly image,  because her main fanbase are teen girls. For Roger Goodell and co that means SAFE. There will be no unpleasant surprises such as foul language, obscene gestures, sexual innuendo or wardrobe malfunctions. After 2014 the NFL does not want anymore bad PR moments, especially at this Superbowl.


Her fanbase to be exact. as the Blind Gossip put it out. While she is the biggest name in music, she does not really have that broad fan appeal and her fans are not exactly the NFL crowd either, as Her fan base like Katy Perry's also skewers young as well.

Well this CON is probably a small one, Michael Jackson was not exactly football material either, but Michael Jackson was chosen for the 1993 game to literally SAVE the Super Bowl. Rupert Murdoch hired him to get major ratings. Before the King of Pop the HF show was the time to change the channel or go use the toilet. For past acts were not that stellar, it was b list talent or such dreck as Up With People.

Watch the video and DESPAIR

Like Katy Perry's fanbase was not exactly NFL crowd either. The NFL knows this, it could be a reason they want her. The league has a youth problem, from 2010 to 2014 they are losing viewers 50 and under. The millennials to be exact, pose even a bigger threat.  they are the population that is driving the cord cutting trend and Sunday Night Football now loses out to The Walking Dead. Then there is the case of parents, who 50% do not even want their sons playing this game out of head injury fears. Leadership knows that children are the future, that for the NFL to be relevant and profitable they need a constant stream of new fans. Getting someone like Katy or Taylor could be a good strategy of getting younger viewers at least interested in watching the game.

Long Term prospects for the sport are looking bleak, the NFL the all American cultural institution is now facing a growing culture that is now becoming anti-football. They are going to have to attract the young viewers at the same time ease their parents qualms about the safety of this sport. Many are now starting to see the NFL as a regressive relic of the hyper masculine frat boy culture.

A culture that is becoming toxic to so many, with child abuse and domestic violence scandals from players, hazing rituals and even rape by players at the high school level, the sport is in desperate need for an image rehabilitation. Maybe the NFL is realizing that they also need to adapt to the changing cultural climate. If they do not win back the under 30 crowd the sport will be entertainment for an aging and shrinking male demographic. Cultural irrelevancy will destroy the NFL worse than any concussion crisis. Just ask Marvel and DC how ignoring younger readers has helped their book sales.

Taylor Swift is the master of promoting and maintaining a safe, clean positive image. The NFL can learn a few things from her.

2# Music,  Taylor does not have any songs  that would well fit on the halftime show, songs about break ups and former boyfriends do not fit the atmosphere of a major sporting event. She need some sort of anthem as the blind suggests. Taylor can easily fix this, she is probably very capable of writing such a song, we have seen her pull off a total move to pop with 1989. So far it seems there is NOTHING she cannot do.

Those CONS are all easily fixed or are minor. The one CON going against her is preparation, one she cannot get around easily. Taylor is starting her 1989 world tour in May this means she will not be able to prepare for this. Halftime shows take huge amounts of prep time, for the 50th one it will probably be a year of planning and rehearsals, with Taylor going on tour this might not be a possibility

In the end one thing is true the NFL needs Taylor Swift for the Super Bowl more than Taylor needs the NFL to further her career..

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