Thursday, January 15, 2015

Charlie Hebdo and the dangers of Satire.

There is a reason why religious extremists attacked a satrical newspaper in Paris France. That reason is that Satire is DANGEROUS, not only to religions the people in power, but to celebrities and genres of entertainment as well.

There is a rule I read somewhere that when some piece of culture is about to die it becomes a self parody. We saw this with Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson or any favorite show near the end of its run. It is the same story they all degrade into becoming a JOKE.  We are seeing this with religious fundamentalism. Fact is...they are dying. Here in the USA the youngest generation of adults, the millennials are abandoning religion. One half do not identify with the religion of their parents, and one fourth are completely secularized. Much has to do with the rise of the internet as the free flow of information makes it harder for these extreme sects to keep followers, the bigotry and scandals from church leaders and the outright violence some terrorist groups does not help.

Major reason for the decline is that these religions are no longer in control of the culture, why do you think evangelical christian pastors speak out against Hollywood and secular entertainment?

Fact is evangelical Christianity to the young adults is a JOKE. Sure people will laugh at a joke, but they will not BELIEVE in or follow one.

We have Kirk Cameron literally going bananas over evolution, during Halloween he ranted about Jesus's sacrifice was an attempt to embarrass Satan, or something. Then he did a 90 minute insane rant in form of a film called Saving Christmas. A movie that now has the IMDB #1 spot for Worst Movie ever. It beat out Manos the Hands of Fate, Battlefield Earth and that Oogieloves movie. That is a major accomplishment.

Recently we have Saudi Cleric issuing a fatwa against Snowmen for being blasphemy against Islam.

Ellen DeGeneres then responded to another pastor who claimed that she uses Taylor Swift to recruit young girls into lesbianism.  Secular world does not need Charlie Hebdo to satire them, because they are doing it themselves. They wonder why the youth of the world do not take them seriously.

In Kentucky we have Creationist Ken Ham trying to prove the world that he Bible is the literal infallible  word of God by trying to build a life sized replica of Noah's Ark. So far he is EPICALLY FAILING at it. Unlike Noah and his family, Ham needs government money to pay skilled contractors with modern equipment, to prove that the Ark is real.

To make matters worse for them, these same young adults get their news and world view not shaped not by Fox News or the Church, but the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Fundamentalists have lost the culture war and the youth, but they still in America have the GOP and it's politicians. Because they can still get the older Americans who adhere to their message. They now still have political influence. Influence that is aging and dying off without any youth to replace them.
 The same youth who voted in Obama and the only reason they won big in 2014 was because those same young adults did not show up. Well in 25 years they are going to go from just voting to RUNNING for office and they will change BOTH PARTIES, for the GOP it will mean dumping the religious conservatives that is if they are not all dead already.

What we are seeing now is just the first death throes. Religion is like Elvis in the 70's, overweight, drugged up, constipated and now having rambling meltdowns on stage in front of silver haired women who still get all shook up over him. While their bored grandchildren wonder what the big deal was about this guy in the first place.

One day these religions, like Elvis will take their last dump in the toilet and be found dead in the puddle of vomit. What happens to religions when they die? Do they stay dead forgotten forever, if they were so lucky. After his death Elvis lived on as tabloid conspiracy theory fodder and with various Las Vegas impersonators. In many ways this is the true Afterlife of the King

Religions go through something simular when they die. Their theology becomes mythology, long time ago Zeus, Hercules and Thor were very real to people. Now Thor is a Marvel Comic Book superhero, and Hercules was and still is the subject of many (awful) movies and the rest of the pantheon has become the subject of many a video game, movie and other forms of entertainment.

This is the afterlive of religions, deep down the true believers know this, one day there will be a blockbuster 3D film with Jesus Christ fighting his own brother for the fate of mankind with blaster guns and laser swords in space.

Their Lord and Savior will just become another Comic Book Superhero.


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