Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Children and Technology through the ages.

I think much of the FEAR parents have over children and technology is based on fear of the unknown, this era of smartphones, computers and video games is a blip on the history of modern civilization let alone all of human civilization.

Now there are some drawbacks to this but there are also some benefits, the internet, smartphones and video games are going to be making children more tech savvy, smarter with higher reasoning skills. It is so coincidence that the first generation that grew up under the internet is the LEAST religious generation ever.

Right now I am writing a Sci-Fi book about the possible changes this will bring. One GOOD thing this tech is doing is making kids SMARTER and more literate. It will also bring some major cultural changes as kids get smarter and more literate at younger and younger ages. We are seeing this will religion, it is no coincidence that the first generation raised in the internet age is the LEAST religious ever. Because they have access to more and more information, and they are coming to the conclusion that their parent's faith is not for them

If Jesus collapses, he will also take his friends Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy with him. WHY? Because as we get more and more high tech as a society these folk characters will seem ridiculous. It will also get harder and harder for parents to keep up the charade and when kids are figuring it out at 5 years old the entire thing will collapse. Parents will just throw up their hand and say "screw it." (more about the future of Christmas coming soon.)

 For all your parents who whine over your kids being Call of Duty Junkies than caring about Soccer etc. It is only going to get worse. Much of this is over a selfish desire of parents wanting their kids to have THEIR childhood. Guess what? they are not.

Illusionist Penn Jillette said on his Sunday School Podcast from something Mike Nesmith said to him "Video Games are the new rock and roll" they are the thing that children get but the parents do not understand and freak out over. All those people who cry about video game violence, they are going to look as stupid as the same people who freaked out over Rock and Roll in the 1950's.

If Video games are the new "rock and roll", than little league and youth soccer are the new "Piano Lessons." If you are saying "WHAAAT?" Let me explain, remember seeing those old timey movies that took place between 1900-1930. there was a trope of a kid whining that who could not play stick ball in the street because He had to do his piano lessons, the kid always hated them because the teacher was one 80 year old shriveled up witch who hated her job.

Now in the 21st century it is kids complaining they cannot play Call of Duty TDM because they have soccer practice run by a coach who is an asshole.

It is all for the same reason, parents need their kids to ENTERTAIN them, back then every middle class family HAD TO HAVE a piano, Some kid needed to learn to play it to entertain mommy and her bridge club. Now parents need Johnny to play soccer to show off his trophies to her coworkers at the office. Piano Lessons collapsed, what happened, just like Moms whining about their son on the XBOX, technology happened, by the way of Edison and Marconi. Edison invented a way to record music, Marconi found a way to send it through the air. 1930 is a cut off for piano sales for a reason, that is when RADIOS finally hit saturation point. Piano Makers and music industry tried to stop this technology because it would destroy the industry. Radio and LPs did not destroy the industry it just CHANGED it. RADIO was the internet of the 1930s it was the first electronic media device that entered American homes, it paved the way for TV which led to computers and the internet.

Here is one positive about this, now the only children who take music lessons are the mostly the ones who WANT to take them.

Youth Sports are getting too HARD....Too HARD on this kids minds and bodies which are leading to 75% burning out by 12, overuse injuries that only professional used to get. Because a fun childhood activity has become BIG BUSINESS, that preys on parents fears that their son or daughter will be a hot topic shopping active shooter if they do not excel at soccer to some other sport. Then there is the whole deal of college scholarships.

(PRO TIP: Only 2% of all youth athletes get college scholarships, and those full rides, they do not exist.)

It is getting too HARD on the parents, to HARD to pay for, to HARD to drive their kids from one game after another that some are hundreds of miles away. Parents are paying $10,000 a year for soccer to chase a college scholarship because they cannot "afford" college.

This is not sustainable, those 75% burnouts are not coming back with their kids, in 25 years from now this industry maybe teetering on the edge of collapse and it will not be caused by the XBOX but rather by their own greedy hands, feeding the the parental fear that their children are somehow missing out by not having this experience they had as kids.

Main point of this is,  nothing really changes each generation just replace one nonsense for just a newer different from on nonsense. 1914 kids whined about having to take piano lessions, 2014 kids whined about soccer practice and  who knows maybe in 2114 kids will complain having to practice for some E-sports tournament.